Simeonika Rangełowa-Jankowska

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     mgr Simeonika Rangełowa-Jankowska
ul. Wita Stwosza 57, room 247
PL-80-952 Gdańsk

tel. +48 (0) 58 523 22 44
fax +48 (0) 58 341 31 75


  • nonradiative energy transfer in donor-acceptor-cyclodextrin systems (D-A-CD), with excluded volume for acceptor. In my research,non-steroid drugs (donors) are used, for which fluorescence can be observed in UV. As a result of donor association with CD, fluorophores proprieties change. Experiments show the effect of cyclodextrin, which plays the role of an excluded area for acceptor, on the process of energy transfer between donor and acceptor. Currently I am interested in the study of photophysical properties of uncomplexed and complexed drugs (i.e. naproxen) like association constants, stoichiometry, association efficiencies as well as in the effect of energy transfer in D-A and D-A-CD systems (fluorescence quenching processes, temporary changes in fluorescence intensity),
  • nonradiative excitation energy transfer in multicomponent systems,
  • back transfer in donor-acceptor systems.

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