Piotr Bojarski

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     Prof. dr hab. Piotr Bojarski
ul. Wita Stwosza 57, room 248
PL-80-952 Gdańsk

tel. +48 (0) 58 523 25 21

fax +48 (0) 58 341 31 75
e-mail: fizpb@ug.edu.pl


Initially, I was involved in the determination of excited state dipole moments of trans styrenes, their photophysics and selected aspects of rotational and concentration depolarization of fluorescence. My Ph.D. work was mostly devoted to this latter subject.
Then I spent two nice years in the Biophysics Division at the Univerity of Bremen, where I had the opportunity to collaborate with Prof. Horst Diehl, Prof. Maria Engelke and Prof. Carmen Cocacciu. We investigated photophysical properties of biological membranes including lateral diffusion as well as behavior of selected antitumor drugs and carotenoids in membranes. These investigations were sponsored by (EU, NATO, DAAD and Volkswagen Stiftung). Meanwhile I spent also some time in Center of Fluorescence Spectroscopy at the University of Maryland, where I involved in numerical calculations and had the opportunity to get familiar with the state of the art spectroscopic equipment.
The most significant part of my scientific activity has been devoted to energy transport studies in different systems and contexts. These studies include energy migration, reverse transfer, energy trapping by aggregates, intramolecular transfer, energy transfer in restricted geometries and have been performed in liquid, viscous and solid solutions (disordered and organized). Other scientific interests include: basic laws of luminescence, charge transfer and surface plasmon coupled emission.
Needless to say, a lot of questions arising during the investigations could not have been answered without invaluable help of my teachers, friends and collegues: Professor Alfons Kawski and Professor Czesław Bojarski; Dr. L. Kułak from the Technical University of Gdańsk (an expert in Monte – Carlo calculations), Prof. Ignacy Gryczyński and Zygmunt “Karol” Gryczyński from the University of North Texas (energy transfer in polymers, SPCE) or Dr. Hania Grajek (flavin mononucleotide studies) to name just a few.

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