Aleksander Kubicki

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     dr hab. Aleksander Kubicki
ul. Wita Stwosza 57, room 243
PL-80-952 Gdańsk

tel. +48 (0) 58 523 25 12

fax +48 (0) 58 341 31 75


  • intramolecular photophysical processes in multiatom molecules containing one and more ethylenic bonds (stilbene derivatives, diphenylpolyenes) and solvatochromic interactions (effect of viscosity and polarity on intramolecular processes): intramolecular charge transfer, photoisomerization, vibrational relaxation, solvatochromism, rotational diffusion,
  • photophysical properties of molecules containing heterocyclic rings under one and two photon excitation.


  • pulsed and steady-state light sources (arc lamps, pulsed lamps, lasers, LEDs, OPG),
  • detectors (photomultipliers, photodiodes, CCDs, streak camera),
  • electronics for signal convertion (analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, frequency-to-voltage converters, GPIB modules, USB modules, time-to-amplitude converters, constant fraction discriminators, temperature controllers),
  • drivers (stepper motors, encoders, indexers),
  • designing of the software.


  • practical courses of physics at undergraduate level, Ist, Iind, IIIrd and graduate physics laboratories,
  • lectures on aparatus and experimental methods in luminescence for graduate and advanced students.

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