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Grant of National Science Centre
We are happy to inform, that our research team obtains a grant of National Science Centre. The title of this project is “Sensitive detection of light emitting species and intermolecular processes at plasmonic


GRANT – National Science Centre
We finished the project “New look at luminescence hybrid materials in the form of nanolayers” funded by the National Science Centre (2011/03/B/ST5/03094; 739 220 PLN), 2012-2015.
The project concerned the photophysical processes and properties of new hybrid strongly luminescent materials.
Results were presented in 10 publications and 5 national and international conferences in the form of posters (13) and oral expression (4).
1. S. Rangełowa-Jankowska, D. Jankowski, R. Bogdanowicz, B.Grobelna, P. Bojarski, Surface Plasmon-Coupled Emission of Rhodamine 110 Aggregates in Silica Nanolayer, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters , 3, 2012, 3626-3631.
2. M.Borowiak, B.Grobelna, A. Synak, P. Bojarski, A. A. Kubicki, Time-resolved emission spectra of 4-dimethylamino-4′-cyano-stilbene and resveratrol in high viscosity solvents and silica matrices, Spectrochimica Acta Part A, 115, 2013, 111-117.
3. K. Walczewska-Szewc, P. Bojarski, S. d’ Auria, Extending the range of FRET – the Monte Carlo study of the antena effect, J.Mol.Model, 19, 2013, 4195-4201.
4.A.Synak, P.Bojarski, B.Grobelna, L.Kułak, A.Lewkowicz, Determination of local dye concentration in hybrid porous silica thin films, J.Phys.Chem C,117, 2013, 11385-11392.
5. A.Pennacchio, G. Ruggiero, M.Staiano, G.Piccialli, G. Oliviero, A. Lewkowicz, A. Synak, P.Bojarski and S. D’Auria, A Surface Plasmon Resonance based biochip for the detection of Patulin Toxin Optical Materials, 36, 2014, 1670-1675.
6.A. Lewkowicz, A. Synak ,B.Grobelna, P. Bojarski, R.Bogdanowicz, J. Karczewski, K.Szczodrowski and M. Behrendt Thickness and Structure Change ofTitanium(IV) Oxide Thin Films Synthesized by the Sol-Gel Spin Coating Method Optical Materials 36, 2014, 1739-1744.
7.A. Lewkowicz, A. Synak, P.Bojarski, B.Grobelna, J.Karczewski, D. Jankowski, S.
Mahlik Aggregation of Rhodamine 6G in titanium dioxide nanolayers and bulk xerogels Optical Materials 36, 2014, 1694-1697.
8.A. Lewkowicz, A. Synak, B. Grobelna, P. Bojarski Spectroscopic properties of Rhodamine B entrapped in hybrid porous nanolayers at high dye concentration, Chemical Physics, 439, 2014, 121-127.
9.A. Synak, B. Grobelna, L. Kułak,A. Lewkowicz, and P. Bojarski, Local Dye Concentration and Spectroscopic Properties of Monomer−Aggregate Systems in Hybrid Porous Nanolayers J.Phys.Chem C,119, 2015, 114419-14426.
10. R. Chib, S. Raut, S.l Shah, B. Grobelna, I. Akopova, R. Rich, T. Just Sørensen, B. W. Laursen, H.Grajek, Z. Gryczynski, I. Gryczynski Steady state and time resolved fluorescence studies of azadioxatriangulenium (ADOTA) fluorophore in silica and PVA thin films Dyes and Pigments 117,2015, 16-23.


We co-organize The 5th International Workshop on Advanced Spectroscopy and Optical Materials, 19-24 July.
The IWASOM Conference is organized every two or three years at the Gdańsk University, and has already gained a good reputation among the scientific community. The Conference will provide an international meeting for exchange information on advanced spectral methods, physics of novel optical materials like semiconductors, dielectrics and nanomaterials, and optical devices.


On 20 – 22 September in Varna, Katarzyna Walczewska-Szewc participated in the “International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology”. She presented the poster: „Metadynamics simulations of FRET efficiency in dye-labelled polyproline system”, K. Walczewska-Szewc, B.Corry.


XVIII Polish Conferenca on Molecular Crystals 2012
In Gdańsk Sobieszewo, on 10-14 September, Aneta Lewkowicz participated in the XVIII Polish Conference on Molecular Crystals. She presented a poster:
.“Własności fluorescencyjne Rh6G domieszkowanej TiO2 i SiO2 w postaci nanowarstw.”. A. Lewkowicz, P. Bojarski, A. Synak, B. Grobelna.


Modelling and Design of Molecular Materials 2012
On 10 – 14 September in Wrocław, PhD student Katarzyna Walczewska-Szewc participated in the international conference “Modelling and Design of Molecular Materials” organised by Wrocław University of Technology. She presented a poster: „Extending the range of FRET- the Monte Carlo study of the antenna effect”., K. Walczewska-Szewc, P. Bojarski


New dean of Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
Professor Piotr Bojarski, the head of our team, became a new dean of Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics. Congratulations!


I Polish Conference of Life Science Students
PhD student Karolina Rok participated in I Polish Conference of Life Science Students. She presented a scientific poster “Photophysical properties of vancomycin”, which was awarded by Polish Chemical Society.


V International Conference on Molecular Materials
A part of our team participated in MOLMAT 2012 conference in Barcelona (SPAIN) on July 3-6, 2012. We presented the following posters:
  • Anna Synak, Piotr Bojarski, Beata Grobelna “Determination of local dye concentration in hybrid porous nanolayers”
  • Beata Grobelna, Anna Synak , Piotr Bojarski , K. Szczodrowski “Sol-gel synthesis and luminescence based on energy transfer in Ln2-xDyx(WO4)3 and in silica xerogels doped with Ln2-xDyx(WO4)3
  • Dawid Jankowski, Simeonika Rangełowa-Jankowska, Piotr Bojarski “Nonradiative energy transfer in donor – mediator – acceptor system located near plasmonic platform”
  • Simeonika Rangełowa-Jankowska, Dawid Jankowski, Ignacy Gryczyński, Ryan Rich, Beata Grobelna, Piotr Bojarski “Surface plasmon coupled emission of solvatochromically sensitive probe Nile Red in polar and nonpolar xerogel nanolayers”
  • Małgorzata Borowiak, Aleksander A. Kubicki “Photophysical properties of polydatin in various environments.”
  • Aneta Lewkowicz, Piotr Bojarski , Anna Synak , Beata Grobelna “Fluorescent properties of dye-doped titanium dioxide and silica dioxide thin films for nano-optoelectronic applications.”
  • Anna Łukaszewicz, Aleksander A. Kubicki “Rotational depolarization of elongated stilben-like molecules.”
  • Katarzyna Walczewska-Szewc, Piotr Bojarski FRET influenced by thin metal film – Monte Carlo simulations”
  • Karolina Rok, Anna Łukaszewicz, Aleksander A. Kubicki, Joanna Nowakowska “Photophysical properties of macrocyclic antibiotics.”


    Grant of National Science Centre
    We are happy to inform, that our research team obtains a grant of National Science Centre. The total amount of this grant is 739,220 PLN.


    Plasmons in the fluorescence spectroscopy
    Due to the X Baltic Festival of Science, Dawid Jankowski, with the assistance of Aneta Lewkowicz and Katarzyna Walczewska-Szewc, gave a breathtaking demonstration of physical phenomena, wchich are the subject of interest in our laboratory.
    The tons of people interested in physics, had a chance to enjoy the phenomenon of luminescence, which is common not only in laboratory but also in ours kitchens!
    In addition, we presented the newest technology used in our research.
    If you somehow missed our show, don’t worry, we will see you in the next year!

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